29 November 2016

Flinto for Mac 2.1

We love this kind of update. A chance to refine something we've built. Flinto for Mac 2.1 is available today and adds some great enhancements to the Behavior Designer. But we didn't stop there, we've made a series of great improvements throughout the app.

Get Flinto for Mac 2.1 and update your Sketch Plugin because we've improved that too!

A quick overview of the most important new features.

Scrolling Improvements

Auto-reverse scroll animations

When you use the Behavior Designer to create a scroll-based animation, you used to have to set up two gestures, one for scrolling forward and one for scrolling back. Not anymore! Now we automatically reverse scroll gestures, so you can scroll back without doing anything. It's a huge timesaver, but it also creates new possibilities for Behaviors with multiple scroll animations.

We added a little convenience to scroll gestures too, you can drag the range arrow to quickly reposition it.

Swipe gestures on scroll groups

In this version, we've made it so that swipe gestures work when applied on scroll groups. Instead of overriding the scroll group, you can scroll it like normal. When you reach the end of the scroll group, and it comes to rest, then you can acitvate the swipe gesture. This will happen at the top with down swipes, bottom with up swipes etc.

Animatable scroll content size

Now you can animate the content size of scroll groups in the Behavior Designer. This is useful when you have something like an accordion menu where it causes the scroll content to grow when you toggle a menu item.

Other important new improvements

Screen-to-screen links on top of Behaviors

Sometimes you want to combine a behavior with a screen-to-screen link. Now, this works with all gesture types. Just put a link on top of a behavior and when you tap the link, it will activate the behavior below it as well. This lets you combine Behaviors and regular links.

Reset Scroll Groups and Behaviors

We're happy to get this frequently-requested feature into Flinto for Mac. We added a new option in the inspector for Scroll Groups and Behaviors called "Leaving Causes Reset". This setting will cause behaviors to be reset to their default state when you leave the screen by activating a screen-to-screen link. It resets scroll groups too!

And lots of Little Stuff

  • The preview window is much smarter about how it sizes itself. The animations going in and out of fullscreen are smoother too.
  • Added separators to the gesture menu.
  • Newly added screens are placed at more logical positions.
  • Improved the layer rotation UI.
  • Hidden layers are now imported from Sketch. - Big performance improvements in the Behavior Designer in certain situations. - Fixed some bugs related to the back link target. - Fixed lots of bugs related to the behavior designer and the display of behaviors in the preview.
  • Fixed some issues where the quicklook and thumbnail display of .flinto files would show up incorrectly.
  • Prototypes are kept active when the iOS viewer goes into the background.