21 August 2017

Flinto is Leaving the Mac App Store

Starting with version 23, Flinto for Mac will no longer be available on the Mac App Store. Customers who purchased through the Mac App Store will be issued a license code and will be able to migrate to the direct-download version free of charge.

Why we are leaving

Leaving the app store gives us the freedom to update our app faster, to add features that were previously restricted, and to have full control over our pricing.

How to Migrate from the Mac App Store Version

If you have used the app store version of Flinto for Mac on your computer, simply download version 23 or newer of Flinto for Mac from our website. When you launch it, you will be prompted to enter an email address which will be used to send you a free license key. The app will be ready to use immediately after that.

We want to make sure everyone can migrate without trouble, so if you run into any problems please contact hello@flinto.com.