17 February 2014

Flinto Lite Now Supports Android

Designers can now use Flinto Lite's super-fast editor to build incredibly realistic prototypes for Android and install them on-device.

When creating a prototype, you can choose from Nexus 4, Nexus 5 or Nexus 7 as your target device. You can install the prototypes on any Android device capable of running the latest version of Chrome. We’ll be adding more target devices in the future, let us know which ones you’d like.

In the editor, you can add a custom icon, and choose from a new set of Android-specific transitions. The share page shows your prototype with the appropriate device frame for the device you chose. Sharing and installing Android prototypes on-device is the same easy process as with iOS. No special viewer app is required, just open the install link and you’ll have the prototype installed with a couple taps.

One of the most annoying parts of Android design is handling all the various screen sizes. You might share your prototype with someone who isn’t using the same device you’re targeting. To make this work better, we’ve provided a way to toggle between a centered view, or a scaled-up view of your prototype. Set your preference in the “Share View” section of your prototypes settings.

We’ve been hearing lots of great stories from a wide range of people who are loving Flinto. Just last week someone from a Fortune 500 company told us that Flinto was instrumental in selling his vision for an app within the company. Another customer who is a freelance designer in the Philippines told us that her clients are loving the Flinto prototypes she shares with them. With the introduction of Android support, we’re excited for even more people to enjoy testing and sharing Flinto prototypes.