08 October 2013

Prototype Even Faster with Link Groups

What do you do when you are prototyping an app that has a tab bar with five buttons? You create five links. Then you create five more links on the next screen. And five more, and five more. What do you do when you need to change one of those links? You have to go back and change it on all those screens!

We’ve solved this annoyance with our latest feature, Link Groups. Using Link Groups, you can set up the links once and drag them right onto another screen. That’s it. Link Groups work in the seamless intuitive fashion we’re known for.

Take a look at this video overview of Link Groups in action.

Link Groups in Action

Here’s the prototype created in the video if you’d like to try it.

Tips and Tricks

  • Add additional links to an existing group by selecting one grouped link, and the link to be added and pressing ‘g’ or the ‘Add to Group’ button.
  • Ungroup links by selecting all of them and pressing ‘u’ or clicking the ‘Ungroup’ button. This breaks apart the group on one screen.
  • With one link in a group selected, pressing ‘g’ or the ‘Select Group’ button will expand your selection to the whole group.

We hope this makes your prototyping process even more pleasant. Let us know how it goes.