30 March 2016

Pasquale's Jupiter Weather Prototype

Pasquale D’Silva designed a fun Jupiter Weather app prototype which we added as an example to Flinto’s viewer app. Lots of people have been asking where they can download the prototype to try in Flinto for Mac, so here it is!

Download the Jupiter Weather prototype

If you’re not familiar with Pasquale, he’s an animator and software designer known for his distinctive style. He’s one of those unique creatives who can hop seemingly effortlessly from design to illustration to music and combine elements of them all to build amazing projects.

Pasquale has talked with us in the past when he was working on his app Keezy.

We recently asked him a few questions about his Jupiter Weather project and his lol-worthy inspiration for it. Here’s what he had to say:

You're a great mobile app designer, what do you think makes a mobile experience great or terrible?

A great piece of mobile software carefully considers the physicality of the device, and kinetic user input. It's intimate.

A terrible mobile experience feels like something designed for consumption on a large screen, shoehorned into a space the size of a credit card.

How'd you come up with the idea of this prototype?

It's a pretty known fallacy that every amateur designer needs to design a static, impractical weather app & post it to Dribbble without irony.

I thought it'd be funny to take it further and make a plausible, but useless app prototype. Maybe one day when we're able to hop around planets, you'll care about the weather on Jupiter & its moons, and this will be a legitimate App Store chart topper.

What's your favorite detail in the prototype?

My favorite detail is the storm-tracker, which lets you see the forecast path of Jupiter's thrashing eye.