13 June 2013

iOS 7 Support for Icon Strike

iOS 7 Home Screen

Regardless of how you feel about Jony Ive redesigning things, we just added support for iOS 7 icons to Icon Strike! If you haven't tried it already, Icon Strike is the easiest way to test iOS app icons on your home screen, and it's totally free.

Icons for iPhone apps in iOS 7 are 120x120, slightly bigger than the 114x114 that was used previously. The corner radius has also changed slightly as shown in this Dribble shot by Brad Ellis.

If you are working on a new icon design, check out this rendition of the official iOS 7 icon grid by Dribble user Denis Shoomov.

iOS 7 Icon Grid

We had to do some tricky work-arounds to support these icons because mobile safari does not yet support 120x120 icons alongside other sizes using the sizes="120x120" attribute. If this bugs you as much as it bugs us, file a bug report with Apple!